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Pasifika Cultural Competence Training


Australia's only accredited Pasifika cultural competence course. This will help you to be more effective in working with Pasifika peoples, because ... CULTURE MATTERS!

Working with Pasifika Peoples Course Series:

  1. Pasifika Online (an introductory course) LIVE NOW. Follow the link:


  2. Pasifika Course Workshops

  3. Pasifika Planning & Mentoring (one-on-one support for organisations and individuals)

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding of Pasifika cultures, values, migration stories and aspirations

  • Enhance understanding of Pasifika priorities, strengths, challenges & needs

  • Increase awareness of your own cultural identity and its influence on your interactions with others

  • Gain skills and tools to develop meaningful, respectful and reciprocal engagement with Pasifika peoples

Enquire using our "Contact" form for more information. We tailor training for your organisational needs.